The Perfect Pathway Bike

dan itibaren NZD 35,00 NZ$

The Avanti Discovery 2 offers 24 gears and suspension in fork and seat for added comfort on longer rides. It has nice sturdy, wide tyres which make light work of the limestone pathways.

Our bikes come with helmet, front bag, lock, maps and advice and mechanical assistance.

We offer special rates for multi-day hire, please get in touch for more details

If you wish to transport the bike, please check with us first. We only allow transport of our standard bikes (no e-bikes), and the transport must occur on an approved bike rack (no transport in vehicles).

Hired bikes must be returned within our opening hours, unless otherwise arranged. A late fee of $80 per bike may apply if the bike is returned outside these hours.

For 24 hour hire or longer, the hired bike must be stored safely inside overnight. If you cannot comply with this, the bike can be returned to our store within our opening hours, and picked up again the following day to complete your hire.

If the option you require isn't listed, please get in touch with us at to discuss your requirements.